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Our Clients

Great work comes from great partnerships

We see our clients as Partners and work with them to deliver measurable solutions to help resolve their computer related problems. We also work closely with our clients to implement new solutions to imporve their productivity.

M2 Web IT Solutions is a one-stop IT Solutions business. We have a very diverse client base, but we share the same goals - we want to be successful. Keeping our broad range of IT services sharp is the key to success.

Once our clients start working with us, we are able to identify any IT related risks, vulnerability and ways to improve productivity. Consulting with our clients allows us to identify gaps that exist and to take advantage of information technology solutions relevant to their business requirments. We look forward to talking with you.

Clients and the Services we offer:

T Erasmus & Associates

A sole practioner’s firm dedicated to all aspects of civil and criminal litigation spheres in the Magistrate’s Court as well as the High Court.

Services offered:


AMD Engineering

A leading manufacturer of stainless steel and plated mild steel shopfitting rails, fittings and fixtures.

Services offered:

Olympic Timber Homes

Olympic Timber Homes specialise in the construction of timber structures.

Services offered:

Wicked Tuning

A leading motorcycle workshop specialising in performance tuning.

Services offered:


Maboya Investments

A firm of chartered accountants focusing on advisory services and corporate finance services.

Services offered:

Murtz Bus Services

A bus services company.

Services offered:


Ricmatrade 40 CC

A company offering construction, road marking and asbestos removal services.

Services offered:


Van Breda Project Management Services

A projects management company specialising in the construction industry.

Services offered: